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Brandon from Apache Junction ...

Our family moved to Apache Junction, Arizona just over two years ago.

I was skeptical about relocating to the desert after living in the pacific northwest where everything was so green. I also worried about how our two children ages 10 and 8 would handle the big move. The transition turned out not to be difficult at all.

Being home to the Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction has many different park and recreation opportunities. We love to go hiking at Silly Mountain Park. There are trails that are easy enough for beginner hikers, and more difficult trails for seasoned hikers. Superstition Shadows park boasts an aquatic center complete with Competition Pool, Water slides, and water features. The park also has tennis courts, volleyball courts, a baseball field, and even a skate park.

Apache Junction also hosts many community events that help you and your family get acquainted with all of the other Apache Junction residents. Our children can hardly wait for the Holiday Program and Light Parade. The Parks and Recreation Department even brings in snow for all of the Apache Junction residents to enjoy.

Apache Junction also promotes wellness for the entire family by holding Youth Fitness Marathons, wellness events, and encouraging children to walk to school. The Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works departments have also been very involved in making school walking routes safe for children.

With all of the great opportunities for activities outside, my children are loving Arizona. The winters are much more mild than the ones we experienced in the northwest, and now I feel that my family has received a well deserved thaw from the icy, cold, wet weather we had become accustomed to up there.

Brandon - Submitted: Apache Junction MLS


Alexandria from Apache Junction ...

I take care of my sister who is intellectually disabled. For many years I lived in New York, due to my profession. During the weekends I would take my sister to Central Park which she just loved. It was the closest to nature we could get with my busy schedule.

After the company I was working for downsized I decided to move out west with Susanna. I did some research and came across Apache Junction, AZ. I fell in love immediately. The first thing that got my attention was the unique picturesque scenery. I showed my sister some pictures and she was as thrilled as I was.

Once we arrived I was floored by how friendly everyone was, and how helpful the residents were with showing me where to go and offering a variety of assistance to both of us. After getting somewhat settled into our home, we decided to check out the very fascinating and unique Superstition Mountain Museum; which I cannot wait to return to! Canyon Lake is also a beautiful must see, with water as calm as glass, like a reflection of the sky itself! Some other attractions we have enjoyed are Silly Mountain Park, The Dolly Steamboat, and the Goldfield Ghost town!

My sister has been thriving here and we both look forward to spending more time exploring.

Alex - Submitted: Apache Junction MLS