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Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ -- Information on the area provided courtesy of Ken Rembold.

Towards the south east of Phoenix well within the Phoenix Metropolitan district lies Gilbert. Although just a town in Arizona, in Maricopa Country, in the United States Gilbert enjoys a high stature among homeowners. In 2010 GreatSchools.org cited Gilbert among the top places to live in the United States. During the same year it was placed at number 36 among the best places to live in the U.S.

Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ
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Consecutively, the town of Gilbert was marked as the ‘safest municipality in Arizona and the 24th safest in the nation’ by the C.Q press of Washington in a yearly report, published in 2009 drawn from FBI records. Not only does the city enjoy an immaculate reputation but even its recreational areas stand out from time to time.

Gilbert is famous for its Dog Parks, especially the Cosmo Dog Park that was a chart topper, twice, in the Dog Fancy magazine’s list of the best dog parks of the region. The park was opened in 2006 and the following year it acquired the title ‘Dog Park of the Year’.

Another interesting landmark is the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch which is marked as an ‘important bird area’ by the National Audubon Society.  Hailed widely as a ‘tree friendly’ and ‘bicycle’ community Gilbert is a ‘town pleaser’ and boasts ‘high satisfaction’ rates in public surveys.

Spanning over 76 sq. miles, Gilbert started off as an agricultural based town but made a rapid progression to a diverse center of trade and commerce, situated in the suburbs of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, in the southeast Valley. According to the 2010 estimate of the Census Bureau, the current population of the town is 208,453, which is exponentially high compared to the paltry sum of 5717 in 1980.

Today, Gilbert has transformed into a sophisticated and prosperous society, sustaining successful careers of many, in health services, life sciences, clean and renewable energy and higher technology. Gilbert is also home to many regional and corporate offices and advanced corporate service agencies.

William ‘Bobby’ Gilbert, the true founder of the town lay the first brick in 1992, when he proffered land to the Arizona Eastern Railway for the construction of the first railway line, connecting Phoenix and Florence. During 1912, the Mormon refugees abandoning the Mormon colonies of Mexico, in fear of the Pancho Villa Forces, made Gilbert their new home. Church meetings commenced by 1915, at the Gilbert Elementary School by the new Mormon settlers, who became the Gilbert Ward by 1918.

Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ
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Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ

In July 1920, Gilbert was integrated into a farming community, supported by the railway line, the Roosevelt Dam and the Consolidated and Eastern Canals. Between 1911 and 1920, the town was the acclaimed ‘Hay Capital of the World’ and continued on as an agricultural borough for years to come. Reference: Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ

Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ
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Seated in Gilbert, Arizona it would be hard to fathom that the town is reputed to be one of the fastest developing towns of the country. During the last 15 years Gilbert has exhibited an unprecedented growth rate, surpassed by very few communities in the U.S. With changing times, the town of Gilbert has preserved its highly favored quality of living, while working on boosting its economy, making it stronger and more diverse.

Today, business in Gilbert is flourishing, the community is thriving plus, there is plenty of entertainment available for people of all ages.