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Richard from Gilbert ...

I moved to Gilbert a few years ago to accept a promotion with my company.

At first, I was very hesitant about the move. Coming from a large, metropolitan city, I was sure there would not be anything to do in Gilbert. I was pleasantly surprised. While the range of activities is not the same as large cities, there are still a lot of activities and events to choose from. The Farmer's market each weekend is always a pleasure to attend. The opportunity to support local growers and purchase wonderful products is great!

There are also numerous fairs and events throughout the year such as Arts and Crafts fair and art exhibits. For active or athletic people, there are also a range of events allowing you to get outside and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This doesn't even include non-event activities like exploring the local trails and parks.

Moving to Gilbert as a young, single professional was a little intimidating. But the sense of community available and the opportunities to become involved with others have been incredible. Not only are there typical social events available, the level of community involvement means many social interactions have greater meaning than in a large city. In Gilbert, you truly have the chance to get to know your neighbors and fellow residents. While getting to know them, you also have the chance to support local businesses and farmers, contribute to the community in ways that are fun and rewarding, and know that there is a local support structure if you ever need it. Submitted to Gilbert Luxury Homes

Vanessa from Gilbert ...

I have lived in Gilbert Arizona for 3 years.

We moved here when my daughter was 8 years old. My daughter was born with Autism and was diagnosed when she was 5 years old. We also have adopted a little boy who is 3 years old who was born with Opitz Syndrome. My son has a learning disability and was born with a cleft lip and pallet.

The Special Education Department in Gilbert Arizona has an excellent support group for parents with special needs children. The Chandler Unified School District educates children with special needs from ages 3-22 years old. The community has scheduled activities just to accommodate children and adults who have a variety of disabilities.

The town leadership is committed to support families that have any disabilities. My husband and I are active in the community and attend council meetings and also volunteer at the Gilbert historical Society. The medical centers in and around the area provide multiple services and have a majority of the medical services needed for both my children.

My husband and I love to run and are registered to participate in the "27th Annual Gilbert Days 5K & 1 Mile Run". This is just one of the many activities sponsored by the town of Gilbert. Gilbert Arizona has a yearly calendar of festivals and concerts throughout the year. The town should have pride in their neighborhood watch programs.

We may live in a small community, but the community is more like an extended family. My children love it here and feel like they are part of the community. I would recommend Gilbert Arizona as a friendly safe place to raise your children. Submitted to Gilbert Luxury Homes