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Homes in Chandler AZ

Homes in Chandler AZ
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Thomas from Chandler ...

My wife, my kids and I moved to Chandler, AZ not only because of the great tech job market but also to take advantage of the small town feel and big city events and advantages.

Chandler presents a family with the opportunity to live comfortably in a low-risk minimal crime environment. The average household income is around seventy five thousand dollars per year which is in the highest percentiles in the nation. Also, the high school graduation rate is over eighty seven percent which is remarkable and truly speaks about the quality of the citizens of Chandler and what this agricultural town turned tech-industry driven city is all about.

The majority of Chandler's residents are educated, technical workers. Chandler boasts a tech savvy populace with the average age of citizens around 35 or so, a lot of new-families with young ones. This makes for a very family oriented city and gives the parks plenty of use for those looking for a great workout as it typical of my wife and my age group. When my wife and I were looking for homes in Chandler AZ, we discovered that there were dozens of neighborhoods that were close to trails or parks so we could indulge our love of running.

There is also plenty to do for those who desire convenient access to the arts, Chandler boasts of cultural events that will keep your calendar busy, the kind of access one would be surprised to find outside of a major metropolis. The city of Chandler has proven to be a safe haven to raise my children while reaching my vocational goals. It's given my wife plenty of opportunities to fulfill her adventurous side and also to mingle socially with progressive people. Submitted: Homes in Chandler AZ

LisaMarie from Chandler ...

Chandler Arizona looked like a charming place to live when my husband and I decided to move out of state 5 years ago, but what we got was much more than we had ever expected. Our son was worried about readapting to a new school, but he found himself right at home in the Seton Catholic High School where he made friends quickly and had teachers willing and happy to help him through the whole process. Now he is attending the state college and keeps in touch with all of his old school buddies that did not go there with him.

Together my husband and I go down to the library for Wednesday night book discussion where we actually met a lot of friends and parents of the town that are now our close friends. Thursday evening is toddler night, where the library puts together a time for the younger kids to play and read and do fun activities in the Cloud Room. Our youngest looks forward to it every week without fail, we have been attending religiously for a year now.

The Chandler's "Percent for Art Ordinance" funds so much public art work and talent within the community, assuring that those beautiful programs never get cut out of our community. My husband is a part of the board and I have seen funds allocated to improving the town of Chandler and the beautification of the city. They fund new buildings and parks and make sure that new art work is installed whenever possible. Most works are in the municipal building and show off the talent and love of our community. Submitted: Homes in Chandler AZ