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Justin from Gilbert ...

I've lived in Gilbert for almost two years now after being transferred through my employer. Originally being from Texas, I was right at home with the weather, except for two huge perks: no more running from hurricanes every summer, and less of the humidity that makes the Texas heat nigh unbearable.

The great thing about Gilbert is that it's big enough that there's plenty to do, but it's not overblown and crowded. Neighborhoods are very clean with an emphasis on conservation and recycling, and in fact the city offers curbside recycling in addition to trash pickup.

If you enjoy music at all you'll love it here, as there are several concerts throughout the year (mostly local bands, but enjoyable none the less). I also love the fact that Gilbert offers the community so many opportunities to get involved. My wife has volunteered on several committees since being here, including planning for the Firemen vs. Policemen Rib Eating Contest (which is a HILARIOUS sight to behold) and the Beer & BBQ Festival. It's this aspect - the community involvement - of the city that makes it feel even moreso like home than Texas was. There are also community sports if you're into that. I'm not much of a sports guy, but my daughter plays Spring Ball (the equivalent of Little League softball) and it's fun to watch.

In short, I haven't been disappointed with my transfer here. If you're looking for a change of pace or just a great place to live and raise a family, Gilbert is an excellent choice. Submitted: Gilbert MLS Real Estate Listings

Jason from Gilbert ...

I recently moved to Gilbert, Arizona, as the company I work for expanded its territory. I'm from a small town in Colorado and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Originally I wasn't sure about the move. I had spent a lot of time looking through the Gilbert mls real estate listings, but of course until you actually get here it's just pictures.

First off the desert area is not what I expected; clean, dry, full of vegetation in the spring, cool enough to hike around in during the fall and winter months. I spend a few weekends a month either hiking in the desert with my dog or on nature walks, specifically bird walks.

I'm really into climbing and I was happily surprised when I found the Freestone Recreation Center near my house which has a climbing wall. The monthly passes are extremely affordable; a single adult monthly pass is $25.00. There are other locations such as the Gilbert Community Center, Page Park Center, and McQueen Park Activity Center. There are several major parks such as the Cosmo Dog Park, the Discovery District Park, the Firestone District Park, and others. If you like swimming, Gilbert has got you covered; there are five aquatic centers/public pools in town.

Gilbert has a lot of cultural locations and events, including the Historical Society, Hale Centre Theatre, the Heard Museum of Anthropology and Primitive Arts, and others. If you are a member of a major bank, Gilbert probably has a branch; Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase are all represented. Submitted: Gilbert MLS Real Estate Listings