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Simone from Cave Creek ...

Cave Creek is a suburban oasis in the heart of Arizona. As a resident of over ten years (and counting!) I am constantly impressed by the quality of the city and the true small-town feel of the neighborhood.

I am a huge nature-lover, so I love that it is centrally located to the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, a beautiful part of the Sonoran Desert. It was acquired by the city ten years ago, which means that town residents get free admission all year round. Cave Creek also features a small recreation area of its own, and is near the McDowell Mountain Regional Park as well. I love to experience these regions on horseback or by bike, and there are so many opportunities to do that, with Cave Creek Trail Rides and the Flat Tire Bike Shop for local residents.

This is not just a city for people that love the outdoors. It definitely inspires its residents to get creative. Each year, Cave Creek features its very own independent film festival, called the "Desert Foothills Film Festival." They even encourage student submissions, which is very exciting for all the children. Since moving here, I have been greatly satisfied with my quality of life. Everyone here is so friendly, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

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James from Cave Creek ...

My wife, our two children and I have lived in Cave Creek for 10 years since just before our oldest entered kindergarten and I must say my family's decision to move our children here was well thought out and we couldn't be happier anywhere else.

The schools, both public and private, in and around Cave Creek offer a variety of educational opportunities. Our children live active lives and they participate in youth sports programs through their Middle School and our family loves riding bikes and exploring the local parks and outdoor recreation sites.

The desert scenery is unparalleled for its beauty and living here has given me a wonderful feeling of connectedness and closeness to nature. It's hard to explain, but after living in more densely developed and urban areas, something about being so close to wilderness areas, preserves, as well as numerous parks where you can immerse yourself in the desert as it was many years ago is really amazing. Local nurseries and landscaping companies provide the community with a unique business advantage in bringing the flowers, bushes, and trees of the desert into the yards of local residents as well as across the greater Phoenix area.

Cave Creek is a community where conservation and respect for the fragility of desert ecosystems is a concern among its citizens. And that is what makes Cave Creek such a wonderful place to raise children, because local residents and community groups have a legitimate concern for leaving future Cave Creek's residents areas where fragile ecosystems, such as those in protected areas of the Sonoran Desert, are preserved and intact so they can be appreciated for years to come.

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