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Fountain Hills Arizona Real Estate

Fountain Hills Arizona Real Estate
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Robert from Fountain Hills ...

My wife and I, our two boys ages 10 and 8, and our labrador retriever, moved to Fountain Hills three and a half years ago.

We wanted a great place to raise a very active family and the boys have always been on the go since day one. They enjoy soccer very much and always want to give new sports a try, so it was important to us to have lots of parks and recreational activities at arm's reach. The parks at Fountain Hills certainly helped us with our decision: the lighted tennis courts, playgrounds, and basketball courts were both beautiful and functional, and the sand volleyball courts are how we spend our Sunday afternoons as a family.

We also wanted to ensure that our sons had access to different youth programs to make friends and feel as connected to the town as we felt when choosing to move there. There are various youth and teen programs that run during the school year and over the summer with events almost every week. Our kids love being part of such an active organization with kids their own age to do different activities with, and I know that even as they get over and reach adolescence, they'll have that same support and those same connections.

The desert is surprisingly full of life and is incredibly scenic. We love exploring the area when I take my sons out for a bike ride on a few of the awesome trails. If you enjoy hiking, you'll love the hills and canyons around the region.

The senior activity center was also another reason we chose Fountain Hills. My wife's mom was living on her own despite her declining health, and we wanted to ensure that she was close to us and supported in a friendly, safe environment. The facilities at the senior center were wonderful and really put the whole family at ease. We love being able to stay so close to her and know she's well-protected. Submitted: Fountain Hills Arizona Real Estate


Christina on living in Fountain Hills ...

Our young family of four moved to Fountain Hills, Arizona back in 2003 when my husband and I were looking for opportunities for our new business.

We are originally from Detroit, Michigan and had never been to Arizona before. Fountain Hills far exceeded our expectations in every single way. I was amazed at how effective this town's administration is. I thought the process of starting a business would be long and painful but I was wrong. It took much less time than we anticipated to acquire all the necessary licenses, pay the fees, and take care of all the paperwork.

Moving to Fountain Hills is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

My first son, who is now an Art major, is heavily influenced by the town's public art works and various art projects that offer him the opportunity to learn from successful artists in the area that he otherwise would not have. My second son is a big fan of the town's botanical garden, a great educational and hiking trail where an active child like him gets to learn about the desert, different varieties of desert plants, animals and rocks.

Personally, what I love the most about this town is the people. It is a safe community where all the residents care a lot about the environment and the future of the town. There are many creative environmental programs, recycling events and regular town meeting where engaging resident meet up to voice their concerns and share ideas.

My husband and I both agree that Fountain Hills is the right place for us and our family. My younger sister and her soon to be husband came to visit us and totally fell in love with the town. They loved it so much that they intend to buy a house and settle down here to start a family as soon as possible. I wholeheartedly believe that she has made the right decision. I am very proud to live in Fountain Hills.