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Real Estate Tempe AZ

Real Estate Tempe AZ | Tempe Homes Guide -- Information on the area provided by Ken Rembold.

Named for the Vale of Tempe near Mount Olympus in Greece, Tempe, Arizona boasts a total area of 40.2 square miles. The name was adopted in 1879 by a pioneer named Darrell Duppa after he compared the Salt River valley next to a 300 foot tall Butte to the Vale of Tempe.

Real Estate Tempe AZ

The Salt River cuts through the northern part of Tempe, where it is now dammed in two places to form the Tempe Town lake.

Tempe is an inner suburb of Phoenix, separating Phoenix and the rest of the East Valley. Tempe reported a population of 160,000 in the 2010 census. Tempe is surrounded by Phoenix and Guadalupe to the west, Scottsdale to the north, Chandler to the south and Mesa to the east.

The northern part of Tempe is a dense, urban area. Moving south through the city, the area becomes less dense, with neighborhoods of single-family houses, strip malls, and office parks. Historically, the Hohokam called the Tempe area home. They supported their agricultural lifestyle by building canals. However, by the 15th century, the Hohokam had left the area, leaving only a few families remaining nearby. U.S. military began settling along the Salt River, and Fort McDowell was built in 1865. Located about 25 miles northeast of downtown Tempe, the fort made it possible for newer towns to grow farther down the Salt River.

Tempe grew out of servicemen and Hispanics creating a permanent community in the Valley, where they grew food and animal feed to supply Fort McDowell.

Tempe became the site of the Territorial Normal School in 1885. This school would go through a number of name changes over the years: Arizona Normal School, Arizona State Teachers College and Arizona State College before becoming the school it is today - Arizona State University, a major piece of Tempe’s proud history.

Real Estate Tempe AZ

Tempe became linked to the rest of the United States when the Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad crossed the Salt River near Tempe. Subsequently, Tempe became a boomtown, with the Tempe Land and Improvement Company was created to sell lots. This growth made Tempe the economic middle of this agricultural area and allowed for the emerging city to incorporate in 1894. In 1911, the building of the Roosevelt Dam allowed the Salt River Valley to prosper, guaranteeing enough water for the Valley farmers to grow and prosper. Shortly afterward, Arizona became the 48th state and bringing to fruition the prediction of former President Teddy Roosevelt, who said Arizona’s towns would prosper in the future. Which they did. In the 21st century, Tempe has proven that it is more than a suburb of Phoenix. Tempe is the home to Airways Group’s corporate headquarters, as well as the oldest and largest campus of Arizona State University.

Tempe is no longer just a suburb of Phoenix; it is a bastion of education and commerce in Arizona. Reference: Real Estate Tempe AZ