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Chandler, located in Maricopa County, is a sizeable suburb of the city of Phoenix. Adjacent municipalities include: Tempe, to the north and west; Mesa, to the north; Phoenix, to the west; the Gila River Indian Community, to the south; and Gilbert, to the east. In 2010, the Census Bureau reported the population of Chandler to be nearly 235,000 citizens. It also plays host to a number of satellite locations of technology corporations, including Orbital Sciences Corp. and Intel.

Homes for Sale Chandler AZ
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It was in 1891 that Dr. Alexander John Chandler, Arizona Territory's first veterinary surgeon, made a ranch south of Mesa his home, and proceeded to research irrigation engineering.

By the turn of the century, he had accumulated a total of 18,000 acres of land, and had initiated drafting of a plan for the town on a parcel of realty then designated by locals as Chandler Ranch. The municipal offices of the fledgling township commenced operation on the 17th of May, 1912, the very same year that saw the establishment of Chandler High School. By the next year, a town center had been inaugurated, accentuated by the magnificent Hotel San Marcos, the only golf resort in Arizona at the time.

A few years later, in 1941, the establishment of Williams Air Force Base resulted in a small population boom, but by 1950, Chandler was still home to no more than 3,800 people. Thirty years later, that number had swelled to 30,000, and has since kept pace with the accelerated growth rate of the Phoenix metroplex, added to by large suburban tracts which have usurped what used to be agricultural realty. A portion of the augmentation was the result of the influx of large telecommunication and computing manufacturing concerns, such as Intel, Microchip, and Motorola.

Curiously enough, Chandler is famous for a yearly Ostrich Festival. The first commerce to take hold in Chandler was agriculture, mainly consisting of that of cotton, alfalfa, and corn. During the first decade of the 20th Century, however, ostrich farms were conspicuous in the area, their reason for existence being to provide feathers for the milliner trade of the time. The demand for ostrich feathers abated as the use of the automobile increased, but never one to forget a formerly lucrative whimsicality, Chandler celebrated the legacy of the ostrich "ranches" with the annual Ostrich Festival.

A performing arts setting accomodating up to 1500 spectators, the Chandler Center is a fixture of the town square, and closeby at Tumbleweed Park, can be found the Arizona Railway Museum. Construction plans have been made for a Holocaust and Tolerance Museum, which will cover a sprawling 70,000 square feet of Chandler urban realty.

Homes for Sale Chandler AZ
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Homes for Sale Chandler Arizona

In the corridor formed by the Price and Santan freeways, over 2900 jobs and investments of almost three billion dollars have materialized since 2003, mainly between Arizona Avenue and Gilbert Road, in what has been christened (naturally) the South Arizona Avenue Corridor.

Homes for Sale Chandler AZ
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The existence of three trendy shopping malls function as a "trade magnet" in this unrestrained, high-traffic commercial area. The Chandler Fashion Center (opened 2001) has motivated the construction of several courts and laneway additions.

At the southern extreme of the Corridor, a grand-scale Wal-Mart is predicted to attract customers from as far to the South as Hunt Highway. The northern end of the complex is "inviting and exudes a certain historic atmosphere" that should encourage successful development, and which has "room to grow to the South."

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Homes for Sale Chandler AZ
All Rights Reserved - Homes for Sale Chandler Arizona
Homes for Sale Chandler AZ
All Rights Reserved - Homes for Sale Chandler Arizona