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Michael from Chandler ...

My wife and I were looking for a great place to move our family to and start to raise our children.

One of the biggest factors of the decision was the quality of the schools. We found everything that we were looking for in Chandler. We have one child in Andersen elementary and two children in Andersen Junior High. The schools here are super safe and the learning environment is the best. We moved into the district in the middle of the school year and the staff and students were so welcoming to our family. There are always a bunch of extracurricular activities that our children can participate in. Go Cardinals.

There is never a lack of things to do in chandler. The downtown area of the city is great. It is very vibrant and lively. The restaurants here are world class. From Mexican to Italian there is never a time when we didn't have a hard time choosing were to eat. The city run community parks are wonderful. The grass seems greener than in other places that we have lived. They are always well maintained and there is never any unwanted clutter. The community swimming pools are well maintained and super clean.

My youngest child is absolutely obsessed with trains. So we were so excited when we learned that the Arizona Railway Museum calls Chandler home. We had to buy season passes just so our little one wouldn't bankrupt us on return trips. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to move to Chandler. Submitted: Chandler AZ Homes for Sale

Shelley from Chandler ...

We moved from Yukon, Canada to Chandler, Arizona in search of the sun.

My husband moved here a few months before I did so that he could find a job. In the beginning of winter 2009, my then 3-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son, a Great Dane, and I followed him there. My primary concern about this new town revolves around my children. I am worried that I might not find a good school in the neighborhood, some places my husband and I could take them out during the weekends, or a club of some sort that would interest children their age. I am not sure if my children could adapt to the new environment that is drastically different from where we are from.

Chandler, Arizona really impresses me. The first week I moved there, I knew that this was where I wanted my children to grow up. Our neighbors are very helpful, and have always been so. They took us to Espee Park, Arrowhead Pool and signed the children up for the Saturday nature program at one of the many recreation facilities in the city. Our children now ride bicycles together every Wednesday afternoon in the bicycle safe zone that the city provided. There are also a few dog parks, like Shawnee Park and Scnedigar Sportsplex, for our Great Dane, Danny.

As for education, our children now go to Boulder Creek Elementary School and we are very happy with the high quality of curriculum, teachers and facility--things that we did not imagine possible for only a public school. We are lucky that Chandler Public Library is right around the corner. The children love the family story time program there. It is a great city to live in, especially for a young family like ours. Moving here is one of the best decisions of my life. Submitted: Chandler AZ Homes for Sale