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Gerry on Chandler ...

I have been living in Chandler for about ten years. I absolutely love this quaint and friendly city. It has a hometown feel with all the luxuries of living in a big city.

Recently a new mall was built in the area and it is complete with all of the spas and restraunts you could imagine. From fine dining to festivals, Chandler has it all. The school district is top notch and my children love the extracurricular activities the elementary and middle schools have to offer. Housing in the area is nice and really affordable. With many jobs in the area, I can not imagine living anywhere else. There are always things to do with the children during the summer and winter months, the fourth of July celebration is spectacular and the public library has too many fun programs to count. Just on the outskirts of Chandler are farms, which are great family attractions and an Airport is located nearby also.

Chandler has become my home and will continue to be, as raising children in the fine city is made extremely easy. With many recent improvements to the city its hard to imagine why anyone would want to live anywhere else in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The freeways in town are highly accessable with attractions in downtown Phoenix only a hop-skip and a jump away. About five miles from Chandler is the best Childrens hospital in the state of Arizona. Plenty of top-notch medical facilities in the area also. Submitted to: Chandler Foreclosed Homes

Jerome from Chandler ...

When I had first moved to Chandler, AZ I never realized that this town would turn into something more than just a town. After a few months I realized that Chandler is a way of life. This town is always pulsing with the liveliness of a big city while still maintaining a close-knit feel.

My wife and I retired in Chandler so we could get away from chilly winters and we couldn't be happier with our choice. There's never enough time to do everything here in Chandler, but it sure is worth a shot!

The Jazz Festival is absolutely magical. You can sip on an iced latte and take in the radiating glow of Coltrane while watching the sun set on the absolutely picture perfect streets. The hustle and bustle seems a little bit more laid back down here in Chandler. The people here aren't just your neighbors...they're your family. When you go out to the Downtown Chandler Block Party you will be greeted by name with smiles and waves and invitations galore. There's more to Chandler than that though.

Chandler also offers one of the most idyllic landscapes that one could ask for. My wife and I love renting mountain bikes and running the trails, hiking through the hills and canyons, and breathing in the desert air. If you would have asked me five years ago what I thought about Chandler I would have shrugged, but I know now that Chandler, AZ is the definition of 'Home Sweet Home's. Submitted to: Chandler Foreclosed Homes