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Gilbert Arizona Homes for Sale
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Chris from Gilbert ...

Having lived in Gilbert all my life, I couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to start a family of my own here.

My wife Jess and I, who I met while attending Arizona State University, fell in love under the warm desert moon many years ago. I can most surely attribute my love for the outdoors to its beauty and advantageous geographic location. Whenever we tell people were from Arizona we always get the same laughs and typical questions like, "Arizona? The desert?..." Everyone assumes its like one of those movie scene deserts, but the truth is I can't remember the last time I was uncomfortable. It's pretty tough to not enjoy yourself, considering it rarely drops below 60 or so, rarely rains, and not to mention the mountain scattered horizon. With such great weather, my wife and I frequently attend the Gilbert Days and Rodeo event and other various festivals and activities. Also, as alumni we get the exclusive opportunities to attend student games and events.

When we have our first born, he (hopefully) will be a Sun Devil fan as well. If not we can always just catch a Suns or Diamondback game since it's so close by. Regardless, I won't ever be disappointed with sending him to the local schools whose reputations have earned them national appraisal and recognition. With such a desirable atmosphere positioned opportunity for growth and success it is inevitable that our "right-to-work" policies will keep us pleasantly perched during these national economic issues, as they have in the past. Submitted: Gilbert Arizona Homes for Sale

Jenna from Gilbert ...

I moved to Gilbert Arizona because I was tired of the above average rain and the above average cost of living in seattle.

I grew up in the Puget Sound area, after spending all of my life under a gray and cold sky I decided to find somewhere warmer and less depressing. After living in Gilbert now for about three or four years I have fallen in love with the desert. I expected for it to be too hot most of the year but I can say that the average temperature here is reasonable and I don't know why I did not move here earlier.

As far as fun goes it is definitely here in Gilbert Arizona. to the outdoor enthusiast, hiker, hunter, fisherman or all of the above you will fall in love with this beautiful little city. The desert is now my favorite place to live. I always liked the coastal regions before but the desert is so full of life and wonders that I have long forgot about my time on the Washington coast.

I also use the aquatic center quite often, It is a great complex with clean facilities and a friendly outgoing staff who really take pride in what they offer the public. I also love the parks here in Gilbert, McQueen park is where I take my dog on walks and to play fetch, the residents are very pet friendly and have taken quite a liking to my dog Professor Parks the children love to pet him and let him lick their faces. So come on over and check out Gilbert, you might never leave. Submitted: Gilbert Arizona Homes for Sale