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Homes for Sale in Chandler
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Joanne from Chandler ...

When I told my family that I was transferred to Chandler, Arizona with my job, I must say that they were worried about leaving a familiar environment and starting over. That was three years ago. Even I was concerned that we would not be able to re-establish our life after moving. However, I can easily state that this move was the best thing we have ever done. We were a bit nervous about the choices we would have of homes for sale in Chandler, but we are more than pleased with our new place.

What we found in Chandler was a town that had something to offer every member of my family. The best thing about living in Chandler is the close-knit community vibe and the myriad of activities and events geared for family fun. My husband joined the men's softball team, and has made great friends through the sporting events.

My teenage daughter was able to get in with the teen activities that are offered weekly at the community center, including the teen leadership programs that are helping her to prepare for a rewarding career. I fell in love with the cultural center in Chandler and joined the Center for the arts.

Even my Black Lab, Dolly was happy to find out that Chandler has four dog parks for his favorite game of frisbee. I couldn't be happier that we made the decision to move to Chandler, Arizona. Submitted: Homes for Sale in Chandler

Celine from Chandler ...

I moved to Chandler when I was a teenager, with my family, so my parents had good job opportunities. My mother is a nurse now and my father works as a state employee. We moved here 7 years ago but it's been great for our whole family - I made friends immediately at my high school and we always had something fun to do. My parents trusted our neighborhood, our neighbors and we never had a problem with our community or what it has to offer. My parents also chose Chandler because of the high quality of life they would get for a much lower cost of living compared to Seattle. Homes for sale in Chandler were much less expensive than the high cost of homes in our old neighborhood.

Now that I am older, I'm an enrolled student at our community college where I am studying nursing and it's an awesome school and experience. A lot of people think of Arizona being a dead zone, but I have a lot of fun at the night clubs with friends and all the shopping that's available. I was used to Seattle and their nightlife, but Chandler has many great spots to hang out, and for even more options, I can easily go to Phoenix. Even though weather can be hot, there are many things to do out of the sun, or in the sun, depending on a person's preferences. I personally love having a pool, which not a lot of homes in Seattle have.

I love that I am so close to Phoenix as well, and that we aren't in the middle of what seems to be nowhere. If I wanted to go to California for the weekend to the ocean, it's an option for me too. When I first moved here I was scared and not excited about the change in weather compared to Washington (where we are from), but we adjusted and it's safe to say we were long overdue for some sunshine. Now I consider Chandler my home and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else on the map. Submitted: Homes for Sale in Chandler

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