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Homes for Sale Mesa AZ
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Richard on living in Mesa ...

Moving my family to Mesa, Arizona a few years ago was the best move I could have made. We love the weather, the adventure and the activities that are always able to be found in this beautiful city.

One of our favorite places to go when we decide to take the kids out for a ‘night on the town’ is the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. Almost every month there is a new play, musical or concert released. We make sure we go there at least once per month so our kids can soak up some atmosphere, learn about the arts and have a great meal. Their food is always great and my kids love it.

When we want to get outside and explore nature, one place we always frequent is Golden Hills Park. This park is amazing. It has over 11 acres of space to play a game of catch or badminton and they also have a fun play area with slides and swings galore.

When it gets too hot to run around outside during the summer months we make our way down to the Brimhall Aquatics Complex to take a cool dip in their fantastic pool. This pool has diving boards and even a kiddie slide for the little ones. In fact, my kids learned how to swim here since they offer swimming lessons for all ages.

With swimming, playing in the park, dinner theatre and other great ways to amuse ourselves, my family keeps busy with everything there is to do in Mesa, Arizona. I love living in this beautiful, exciting city.