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As a Mesa Arizona Real Estate Agent, I have worked with many families looking both to purchase or sell their home in Mesa. Whether you are looking for luxury homes, new homes or investment opportunities, I can assist you with your purchase. If you would like to have me begin working for you, simply provide me your requirements. If you prefer to search on your own, the Mesa MLS real estate listings search form is just below.


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Jeff on living in Mesa ...

I recently moved to Mesa about 4 months ago to try and get work at one of the many championship golf courses in the area. With over 40 courses in the vicinity, it seemed to me like a paradise come true. I recently got hired at one of the smaller municipal courses in Mesa and I love it.

The idea that the desert would be devoid of life and lush greenery is a myth if you are a golfer in Mesa. There is just so much to do in this area! In addition to the golfing (which is my passion of course), there is a great nightlife in the area. I am a huge fan of sports so finding a great sports bar to watch games and just hang out was a must for me. Luckily I found the Cactus Moon Sports Grill which is a sports fan's dream in the Mesa Riverview open air shopping center. With 48 HD TV's and 15 pool tables -- I am in heaven! It also has a dance floor for the nights I feel like going out with the guys from work and seeing what the locals are up to.

One of the amazing things I have also been able to do is take in a show at the open air Mesa Amphitheatre which is excellent on those warm Spring and Fall nights.

When I moved to Mesa I was looking for a change of pace from the usual and what I ended up finding was so much more. The people, the food, the great golf, and the endless summer attitude made this decision one of the best of my life! Submitted to webpage Mesa County Real Estate