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Do you have plans for a Tempe Arizona Relocation? Over the years I have worked with many families looking to purchase a home in Tempe. I have put together a one click Tempe Homes Guide where you can view all current property available within Tempe. I'd love to help you with your relocation.


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Tempe Arizona Relocation
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Tempe Arizona Relocation

Tempe Arizona Relocation
Tempe Arizona Relocation


Richard from Tempe ...

Tempe Arizona is a truly wonderful place to raise a family. My wife, two children and I have lived in Tempe for the past two years.

When we moved from North Carolina, we were looking for a city with many educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities for our children. We definitely found a diamond in the desert in Tempe Arizona.

Tempe offers a variety of activities that are fun and educational for our two children. Our 8 year old son is in the Young Actors Theatre offered by the City of Tempe Cultural Services. Our son has a huge imagination, and loves performing in front of our family whether it's singing or acting out little skits that he puts together. The Young Actors Theatre gives him an opportunity to interact with other children while developing his performance skills and gaining a greater self-confidence. We also signed him up for the Drawing and Painting class offered by Tempe Cultural Services, since he shows a tremendous interest in drawing, coloring, painting, and many other forms of artistic expression. He really enjoys the class with other young children, and while he has fun he also learns valuable artistic concepts and techniques.

Our other son is 13, and he is an avid sports enthusiast, especially when it comes to baseball. Tempe has the very impressive Kiwanis Recreation Center, which is a large 54,000 square foot complex with a variety of sports and fitness activities available for people of all ages. Because our son loves baseball so much, he usually uses the Kiwanis Batting Cages. The Batting Cages have been rated as one of the best Batting Ranges in Arizona, and it truly offers young baseball players such as our son the opportunity to practice and develop their skills. The Kiwanis Recreation Center also offers activities that my wife and I enjoy such as swimming, aerobics, and fitness center.

The City of Tempe is definitely a beautiful city that offers a variety of fun, educational, and exciting activities for the entire family.

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