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Tempe Arizona Real Estate

Tempe Arizona Real Estate
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Some info on Tempe ...

Tempe is the home of Arizona State University which is a sprawling campus on the east side of the city.

Back in the early 1900's, Tempe's business district was clustered along Mill Avenue which was the main thoroughfare that connected it to Phoenix on the northeast and Mesa to the east. The original Mill Avenue bridge is built on a spur of rock deep underground that comes off the town's highly visible "A" Butte which is next to the Salt River.

Although the Salt River only flows once in a great while, when it does, it is very powerful and at one point in the 80's swept away all of the other bridges across the Salt River except the Mill Avenue bridge. Its foundation resting on solid rock held firm. On the south side of the bridge is Monti's La Casa Vieja, a steak house that has been there since the 1800's. Clint Eastwood filmed a movie that used the old Mill Avenue bridge in it.

Each year, the merchants who have shops on Mill Avenue have a special event called the Mill Avenue Merchants Association. It's like a big carnival with loads to eat, lots of arts and crafts to buy and tons of people watching.

Each New Year Mill Avenue sponsors a BIG New Year's Eve party. One year the Gin Blossoms sang for the crowd. Tempe is a fun place to live. Submitted to: Tempe Arizona Real Estate

Jasmine is soon to be a resident of Tempe ...

My family and I recently visited Tempe.

Tempe is a great city with typically gorgeous weather and therefore perfect for the outdoor activities that I generally enjoy such as going to the park or a lake, hiking, biking, boating and fishing.

The Daley Park on Encanto Drive and College Avenue has been a prized landmark in Tempe since the 1950s. I especially enjoyed the amenities such as baseball, picnicking and barbeque grills, while my kids had a ball on the playground equipped with typical slides and other fun things for children.

On our visit our family also had the opportunity to go biking along the Tempe town lake on the several trails designed for this. We also went hiking up to the Hayden Butte Preserve which is a historical landmark with petroglyphs made by the Hohokam people. The views from this spot were just breathtaking and so worth the hike.

The Tempe Town Lake is also an area for boating using a variety of vessels such as kayaks, pedal boats, hydrobikes, pontoon boats and electric skiffs all of which are available for rental. Our family took a relaxing cruise on an electric skiff. The kids got to do fishing too. Half way through the cruise I convinced my husband to take me out on a jetski which we were able to rent. It was really thrilling. Another day we also went Dragon Boating with a few other families we met at our hotel and this was perhaps the highlight of my trip in Tempe.

We have made the decision to move to Tempe from Chicago. Bring on that warm weather -- I am so looking forward! Submitted to: Tempe Arizona Real Estate