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Tempe Homes Guide

Tempe Homes Guide
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Some info on Tempe ...

Tempe, Arizona is a great city in which to live for people of any age.

Home to Arizona State University's main Tempe Campus, Tempe, Arizona is a fantastic place for college-age students to gain valuable knowledge while rooting on the fantastic Sun Devils. Speaking of the sun, Tempe is a great location to soak up the rays with year-round sunshine and little to no noticeable precipitation. The summers may be a little on the hot side, but compared to the humid east coast and midwest, Tempe's dry summers are much less oppressive and in often quite pleasant.

Tempe is also a great location for both city dwellers and nature lovers. Only a few miles from downtown Phoenix, Tempe is conveniently situated in a great location for a broad array of outdoor pursuits such as hiking and mountain biking in the nearby hills.

Unlike other major metropolitan areas, Tempe, Arizona is also home to one of the country's biggest and most quickly expanding interstate and state freeway systems in the country, allowing for quick and painless drives across town for all of your basic needs. Take out your convertible and put the top down: enjoy our open roads. As an added bonus, most of the freeways surrounding Tempe are being built without Federal money, owing to Arizona's ability to successful fund their roads without riding on Uncle Sam's back.

Tempe is a great city with plenty to see and do and is worth checking out. You might just like it enough to live here.