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If you are looking for Scottsdale AZ golf homes, my 25 year career in real estate will be of great benefit to you. Please take a look at the testimonials of those individuals who have recently purchased homes through my services.

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Scottsdale AZ Golf Homes
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Kristin from Scottsdale ...

While my husband's passion is all golf, when we moved to Scottsdale, I also wanted to indulge my love of the arts.

Centered around art, Scottsdale is the place for art enthusiasts. I have always had a passion for art and find that Scottsdale is the perfect place to experience a variety of art. On the third Thursday of every month artists gather to display and view art pieces along a single path referred to as the Artwalk. Wine is paired with art along the path and together they form a complete package.

Downtown is an easy place to spend almost any afternoon. There is always something to do, see and enjoy. My family and friends equally look forward to shopping, dining and entertainment in the Scottsdale area.

Fall is an exciting month here in Scottsdale! October is full of scheduled events in the downtown area. It all starts with a taco festival. A festival of food and fun. A great time to take a ride on the trolley. Eating tacos and enjoying the view are two memorable ways to enjoy an evening. Then It's time for my family and I to embrace our creative side with costumes and decorations. Before long we'll dress in our favorite Halloween character and join in the fall festivities. Every year a contest is held for "best costume". They even have a contest for best dressed pet. We have yet to win but look forward to the challenge each and every year. As a bonus the area also provides a pumpkin decorating contest and even fireworks. Just another reason why I love Scottsdale. Submitted: Scottsdale AZ Golf Homes