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Scottsdale Luxury Homes

Scottsdale Luxury Homes
Reference: Scottsdale Luxury Homes | Real Estate Scottsdale AZ

Katie writes about Scottsdale ...

I moved to Scottsdale in 2009 with my husband and two sons. We wanted to live in a city that offered opportunities for myself as a artist and would provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children. Scottsdale has been a haven for my family as there is so much to do within such a short distance of our home.

One of the main attractions to Scottsdale for me was The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum is an amazing place and I visit there regularly to gain inspiration and to increase my knowledge of other artists. In addition to the museum there are about 80 art galleries, most of which located in the Art District of the city. This has given me me plenty choice as to where to show and sell my artwork and has been a frequent haunt of mine over the last few years.

I have made many new and like-minded friends since relocating to Scottsdale and my social circle has increased dramatically. My children were wary about the move at first but have discovered their love for the city as well. They also have made many new friends and they always have something to do as there are many parks that offer a wide variety of activities, including areas devoted to skateboarding and tennis. Reference: Scottsdale Luxury Homes

Gina from Scottsdale ...

My family and I recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. We found that living in a warmer climate than in the Midwest put us all in a better mood.

My two children attend the Paradise Valley School district. Scottsdale has been rated one of the best places to live for young people. This gives us a sense of security that there will always be something to do. We enjoy swimming, hiking, and going to the parks. We also enjoy the malls and great Mexican restaurants Scottsdale has to offer. My kids are actively in school and remain high gpa's. We love having the southwest to call our home. It is very relaxing to have such a warm climate and the community is so very nice. The swimming programs are wonderful and my kids have already turned into fish. Everyday my children come home and tell me about there days. The teachers are phenomenal and the students learn at a faster level. When we go shopping we always go home with tons of things.

Living in Scottsdale is dream whether young or old. We love to look at the montains and we enjoy learning about the historic parts of Arizona. The people are so very friendly both of my children have enjoyed making play dates. Living here is such bliss. Reference: Scottsdale Luxury Homes