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Scottsdale Patio Homes

Scottsdale Patio Homes
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Michelle from Scottsdale ...

My husband was transferred to Scottsdale two years ago. I was very apprehensive about the move because we are both born and bred in Boston, Ma.

It sure was a culture shock for us to move to Arizona, but in a good way. I immediately fell in love with the wide open spaces of the desert, beautiful scenery and laid back lifestyle here. I can't imagine ever moving back to the east coast. The sunrises and sunsets over the dessert truly look like an oil painting!

Scottsdale is a thriving and modern town with many activities. There is an incredible aquatics center here that offers a range of classes and recreational activities. It's great for cooling off on those hot summer days. The Center for the Arts is another great place to explore. They also offer a wide range of art classes. I took a pottery throwing class last year and really enjoyed exploring something different. Since moving here, we have taken up mountain biking on some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain available. My husband, an avid baseball fan, frequently goes to the Scottsdale stadium to watch games.

We have been very happy here. We were looking for Scottsdale patio homes and we got lucky. Our neighborhood is very safe and the residents here are so friendly. It was very easy for us to start new friendships with people we have met since moving here. In short, Scottsdale is fantastic. Looking back, I can't believe I ever dreaded this move because living in Scottsdale is like living in paradise! Submitted to: Scottsdale Patio Homes

Miranda shares her thoughts ...

Old town Scottsdale is wonderful to wander through all the different and exciting shops they have. The different artists from the area sell their beautiful paintings and jewelry. Every time we go there we always find something new and different. There is something for everyone in old town. Once a year they have the Arabian horseshow. The horses are beautiful and you can actually touch one. There are numerous different vendors who have their stalls set up and there is so much to look at that you really should spend a couple days there. Scottsdale has numerous parks where you can enjoy just walking the paths or watching a baseball game. Some of the parks actually have a separate park where you can let your dog run, it's great for when we take our dog with us, and it gives her something different to do also.

At the Civic Plaza at various times they have Native American dancing. Everyone should have this experience. When they start dancing to the drums, it's like your heart is beating along with them and you can't help but start tapping your feet with the beat of the drums. The food there is outstanding, the frybread taco is something everyone should try.

On those hot summer days, you can enjoy the water fun at Big Sur. There they actually have a beach. It's a great place to take the kids for surfing, being lazy or trying out the slide. It will certainly cool everyone off. If you like to eat, Scottsdale is the place. There is every type of restaurant you could imagine from just plain hot dogs to very elegant fine dining. The nightlife is exciting too with various upscale clubs to attend, if you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity. Scottsdale is a great place to settle down and enjoy all the different anemities it has to offer. Submitted to Scottsdale Patio Homes